Better alternatives to tree topping, based on scientific research, are replacing the practice of tree topping.

Alternatives to tree topping are extremely important to understand. When discussing the myth of topping trees there is science behind getting a chainsaw and cutting the top of the tree properly.

This is why getting a quality arborist in to do your tree work can make a world of difference. An experienced tree lopper should know all alternatives to tree topping.

Some things to keep in mind when it comes to plant health and aesthetic:

if the tree is not cut properly, branches can shoot out and quickly grow in different directions due to the terminal shoot being cut wrong. This will counterintuitively lead to more maintenance.

A tree may suffer damage from the elements including, harsh sun rays, it may not be able to absorb the nutrients from the environment properly, pests may find its vulnerability and attack it.

When the topping is done correctly you should expect to see these things:

A reduction cut is a method used to make a tree shorter.

For the branch to be cut properly, the lateral branch that the cut has been made back to should be 1/3 of the diameter of the limb that is being taken off. This branch must also be big enough to extend to spring up the skirting branches straight underneath.

This skirting branch will now feed the growth and alas the tree will continue to grow as it was intended naturally.

Although this method is the current method for pruning the likes of decurrent or rounded trees, there are other kinds of trees where the method should not be used. Pyramidal trees would be one example when this method should be exempt unless it is being used to get rid of multiple leaders.

So to sum up alternatives to tree topping, scientific research can be actively applied to cut the tree in a safe way and to minimize maintenance.

If you see someone tree topping make sure to never get them back, they may be trying to give themselves more work due to the amount of growth the tree will have.

If the tree has been topped it may be a risk to its surroundings and a lot more attention will be asked of it.

If a tree on your property causes damage, the onus of risk may fall on your hands and this makes them a liability.

Someone who is tree topping certainly does not have the right qualifications and may put you at further risk if they don’t have the right insurances either!

Remember, just because you can’t top a tree does not mean that you cannot acceptably trim and prune them back from wherever you like to as long as you stick to and trust the science.

There will be situations when maintenance is not an option when it is not an acceptable direction decision and alternatives should be sorted out.  Sustainable replanting methods with a more manageable and suitable choice of flora are ideal.

The last point is a good segway as future planning is crucial! Make sure not to choose a tree that is going to outgrow its environment. Take into account power lines, where the branches might overhang and if it will require maintenance like gutter cleaning.

Topping Trees is not sustainable for the plant’s life or your pocket.

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